The best time to prevent slip & fall accident on slippery floor is before they happen! But is this possible?

Yes! Made in USA.

Slippery Ceramic Tile and Marble are two different materials, and each of them requires a different treatment and protection against slipping:


Anti-Slip Floor Coating-Sealer Product #101

  • Anti-Slip Coating # 101 this is a non-abrasive sealer that creates a transparent structure on the top of the surface to make better traction, increases slip resistance more than 0.70 (SCOF).
  • Anti Slip Protection Company ensures that your floor will be shiny, safe, water and slip-resistant. The Anti-Slip Transparent Coating does not melt at high temperatures.
  • Just in case if an accident happens, and your floor is slip resistant and has a Static Coefficient of Fraction is 0.60 and over, then you won’t be responsible for any slip/fall accident. According to existing law,
    your floor is safe.

Guarantee: The surface will be slip-resistant minimum
three (3) years.

Anti Slip Protection Coating


One bottle will treat approximately 400 Sq. Ft.

  • $80.00 ea / 4+ (6% off)
  • $75.00 ea / 8+ (12% off)

Anti-Slip Floor Etching Product #102 Concentrate

Non Slip floor treatment, Anti-Slip floor Treatment to prevent all kinds slippery ceramic tile floors, slippery bathroom floor, glaze bathtubs, and slippery swimming pool decks

Why concentrate? Slippery ceramic tile, porcelain tile and concrete have different textures, hard surfaces, and many of them need a different anti-slip treatment for slip resistance.Anti-Slip, Non-Skid Product designed and effective for: slippery ceramic tile, solution for all kinds slippery tile.

Anti Slip Protection Etching


One bottle will treat approximately 400 Sq. Ft.

  • $80.00 ea / 4+ (6% off)
  • $75.00 ea / 8+ (12% off)

Anti-Slip, Anti-Skid Floor Coating application-video:

Anti-Slip Coating # 101 increases slip-resistant in wet and dry surfaces!

Non-Slip floor treatment and test floor for slip resistant floors.

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