List of satisfied clients:


Fred Fanning, PMP, LEED Green Associate "I used this on slippery bathroom tiles and got outstanding results".

Thank you for your quick response in sending me the shipping info. I did receive the product a couple days later and applied it as per the instructions. The results are fantastic!

Dave McIsaac

Hi Chris, got the product today and it works great on the tiles and the client is very pleased with the numbers


As we discussed on the phone a few minutes ago, I just ordered a third 2 oz. bottle of #101 anti-slip coating. I would like to get a fourth one at no cost to me. This means I have paid 60.00 for three bottles and the forth is free which is the equivalent of the large 8 oz. bottle. I would have ordered the large if I knew I couldn’t get full coverage of 100 sq. ft. with the original 2 I ordered. Thank you and I am happy to say your product works. I just need to finish the job now.

Traci Beck
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