#101 Anti-Slip Transparent Floor Coating, clear anti-slip water-based sealer, for: glossy tile, polish marble, travertine marble, limestone, granite, porcelain tile, terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, and acrylic or fiberglass bathtub.

No more slippery floors, bathtubs, swimming pool decks, preventing slippery floors and other slippery surfaces with Anti-Slip Sealer, Anti Slip Floor Coating, Anti-Slip Product #1 the Value of Safety. The hazards of slippery floors can be reduced by; Anti slip coating, sealer Product #101, anti slip solution designed and formulated for: polished marble, granite, travertine marble, limestone, delicate decorative very shiny ceramic tiles, shiny white porcelain, glossy tile, terrazzo, fiberglass bathtub, and fiberglass shower pan, vinyl and linoleum floor, painted concrete. This Anti-Slip Sealer will not change the color or appearance of the marble floor or glossy tile.

Q: What does Anti-Skid Solution, Anti-Slip Coating mean?

Anti-Slip Coating # 101 this is a non-abrasive water based sealer that creates a transparent structure on the top of the surface to make better traction, increases slip resistance more than 0.70 Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF).

Anti-Slip Coating # 101 increases slip-resistant in wet and dry surfaces!


Anti-Slip Coating: use directly from the bottle, apply with a clean white towel, paintbrush or roller. Keep the surface wet, product penetration time is roughly 3-5 minutes. Always be sure to remove surplus product before dry with a clean white towel (cotton), or buffing machine. If the sealer dries on the surface to early, and the surface is not glossy - re-apply again # 101 and wipe it immediately. For better slip resistance I always recommend a second coat for marble. Completed drying time is between 6 to 12 hours. Floors should be clean and dry before using this anti-slip, non-slip solution. The Non-Slip Anti-Slip coating sealer increases slip resistant up to 100 % and prevents slipping on marble, or vinyl floors in wet and dry conditions.

There is no need to use wax anymore. Wax on the floor can be very dangerous.
Anti Slip Protection Company ensures that your marble or vinyl floor will be shiny, safe, water and slip-resistant. The Anti-Slip Coating does not melt at high temperatures.
Anti-Slip coating for fiberglass bathtub and shower pan. Guarantee: The surface will be slip-resistant minimum three (3) years. Is that what you are looking for and need? When applying to larger commercial areas we advice using a buffer to bring out the shine of the surface. Floor maintenance: the treated area by our Anti-Slip Sealer product #101 must be maintained by proper cleaning. This consists of any product on the market for cleaning flooring; however, it cannot consist of any cleaners that contain or create the buildup of sealers, waxes, or soaps on the surface that has been treated. If you are using SOAP mixed with water, this SOAP must be removed from the floor for your safety and others.

Price: $59.99